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toxic sweet love


osaka (3:15)   instrumental
taking out (3:35) songtext
forget it (2:32) songtext
nothing else (4:30) songtext
what took you so long (3:14) songtext
school girl (3:55)   instrumental   download song
go one better (3:56) songtext
main reason (4:58) songtext
bad song (3:14) songtext
fallen (4:53) songtext
good mood (3:35) songtext
fire hot water (3:58) songtext

taking out  nach oben

my girlfriend speaks no word to me
it's been going over an hour
so i arouse curiousity
by taking an evening shower

coming back from the shower / her cute irritated face
telling her what's the plan for tonight / she's screeching loud
while she's dressing up / she's rising in grace
taking my girlfriend out

sometimes my girl is moody
than even kisses ain't worth while
but keeping invoices adressed to me
saves her smile

this is the mood in which i love my girl
she's dining while i drink my fill
she lays down our route for tonight
i take care not to put her right

knew she'd like midnight shopping / takes half of your pay
going to the movies / caressing is alowed
having fun in the club / where she's willing to stay
taking my girlfriend out

listen up you've got no chance / that's what they want
do yourself a favour / and make them proud
they've got to ride the town / every night
take your girlfriends out

forget it  nach oben

on this afternoon
you come home too soon
because your boss pissed you off
and at the end of this talk you`ve lost your job

these days of bad luck
want to show you that life sucks
the best way is to forget
you shouldn`t go on thinking of that

well as it stands
in your bed are all you friends
they keep your girl company
in an acrobatic way as you can see

bad luck comes and goes
life still leads you by the nose
find a new job a new girl too
and don`t think of the day she will leave you

nothing else  nach oben

didn't come to party
don't mind the drinks
that doesn't mean
i won't party too
'cause i just came here for you

thinking of you
longing for you
dreaming of you
pining for you
because i've got nothing else to do
than loving you

came here for tenderness
don't care for other's hearts
but after a while thinking about you and myself
i'll never do anything else than

what took you so long  nach oben

was it a delay of the train, you went on
i'm asking you what took you so long
anyone can make mistakes is your watch running slow
what took you so long is what i wanna know

girl i guess you are not longer mine
so i break your backbone
if you'd arrived on time
you could have gone back home

my little lady i've been loitering away
all the night and the whole following day
i don't need excuses nor consolation
nor does this situation need any explanation

back in the station bossie's boiling with rage
doesn't notice your brain is staining my brown shoelace
but bossie sees when I find my tongue
"well lieutenant it's been my girl who took me so long"

go one better  nach oben

all members are in our pub
that's our crooks' club
to drink tequila all night long
nobody's sober
we're coming over
tonight we'll expand our ground

even if we get worst of it
that doesn't matter
we really long for this
'cause than we'll go one better

we're going downtown
here we are not known
tomorrow's talk of the town is what we will be
this is Italian ground
we're not to make a sound
when we take the godfather's estate

we shot spaghetti-fatty
sirens sound always badly
we are gonna grease a lot of palms
that's no patter
give you three guesses whether
we are gonna go one better or stop

main reason  nach oben

reason one is that beautiful leg
reason two it nearly goes up to your neck
reason three that you've got two
but the main reason is you

darling i hid it for too long
i must confess it before my love gets too strong
so i just put it on the table
i'd say my feelings for you are reasonable

reason four's the way you sometimes giggle about me
five against big guys you defend me like Bruce Lee
six you make me feel hot even below freezing
yes you're the only one you're my main reason

reason seven's that you make me sing this song
eight you shake it all night long
i guess this song will do
saying you're the main reason for loving you

bad song  nach oben

hey people listen to this bad song
i hope this crap takes not too long
it is noisy and generally boring
that it even just started gets me worrying

skip this track
if you like it you're wrong
you'll be on the rack
with this bad song

what doesn't kill you makes you tougher
the guys play the wrong note each one another
when a song is groovy i am not against it
you see that's the worst of it you can not even dance to it

now this song is nearly over
by the way it's too fast it could be slower
i wonder with which next song they gonna bore us
but before we get to that once again this bloody chorus

fallen  nach oben

he'd give his life to know
when she'll come
if she's the one
to fall
as long as he waits
he remembers the date
when she said good bye
and he asked why

there are a lot of things he's missing
racks his brain can't remember
any whispering nor kissing
so he's waiting can't surrender

he won't make a move
because he
is sure to be
in love
this won't break his heart
he remembers the start
she was his girl to be
her seat is still free

good mood  nach oben

maybe you wonder why i am smiling why i`m so happy
mnd why i grin like a cheshire cat
i`ve tried my very best i just can`t stop it i have to smile steadily
i`m going to get out of my head

i don't know the reason
for this best season
i love this mood
'cause this one is good

is it because i remember a joke or just had a good day
did that pretty girl on the check-out give me a wink
am i in a good mood `cause things aren`t in a bad way
or did somebody put something in my drink

good mood comes from the stomach, from the feet and from the roots of my hair
this feeling needs no reason to be there or to be gone
it is quiet capricious sometimes it makes itself scarce
without doubt when it's there it brings a lot of fun

fire hot water  nach oben

with a girl i loved best
now she's back, loosing her gleam
looking back in time
she seemed to me

like fire
you make me be a live wire
it burns i pine for the scent
of your hair your skin
desire gets out of hand
now it is the end of resistance
now it is the end of my distance

don't know what it is
they call it fire-hot water
no chance to get away
when it has caught you
i will go under
into the fire-hot water

so hot even these few flames that i've got
i'm burning will die in your heat
now it's more than enough
for pity's sake it's a cooling I need
i hope this will soothe my pain
i won't even watch those flames again

even water
can't touch the fire of this sin's daughter
water's boiling i can't do anything
this scalding burns stronger than flames
it burns my hair and my skin

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