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strength to leave



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strength to leave songtext
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ALONE  nach oben

Crying lonely tears about wasted times
when I didn`t know yet I was alone
Living backwards I would be
Along with friends so again on my own

Time doesn`t heal but I needed to see
It is the way it was and
That most things for you are
What they do not mean to me

So sure about what wasn`t out there
The meaning I was wondering about
I donīt care anymore
Just walk home always alone, alone, alone

You laugh at me, poor guy
Who left you so blind to the world around
Those you call friends in your stupid life
Are the dumb people I don`t like

So sure about what was not out there
The meaning I was wondering about
I do not care anymore
Just walk home always alone, alone, alone

THE TIMES I MISS  nach oben

The years went by
Like the tears on my cheak
But I don`t wanna cry
Now I have to mend the leak

It was along time ago
In the end of twentieth century
When a band called me their fellow
And we played jamaican beats how it`s ment to be

The good old nineties in my mind
My eyes are empty
Spice of tears made them blind
But memories are as sweet as candy

Flashbacks are dominating my brain
The forcing rythm I miss
The percussionist was insain
He chilled on his stool and played like this

I`ve been told that Ska is dead
That all the great guys are gone
But I can`t believe it yet
I still wanna have fun

So why we should resign
Let`s do the swinging offbeat
Let`s take all a strong line
And do it like in the good old nineties


Do you think you can tell me
Tell me what life is all about
What the senseless struggles are for
But too many questions you don`t dare to answere

No strength to cry, no strength to kill
Nothing you can do when you know you`re right
Where no friend, no girl could brighten up my day
Where happiness means money

I listen to you but I hear nothing
I don`t believe I ever will
I want to leave, I have to go
Please help me to find the strength to kill

Human existence, the planet earth
If about anything I could really care
I wished to stay, instead I wait for the healing power
To set my mind free to tear it out

THE FUGITIVE  nach oben

They released me from the prison
I`m on my way to a daring mission
I`m a thief of the first rank
I could rob every bank

If all goes well and nothing goes wrong
I`ll burst into a song
The total of this break-in
Will be about two million

Nothing went as it ought to
Some fellows had`t done what they should do
Finally it was no fun
I had to use my gun

In the motel I switch on the TV-set
Sorry: "Two Policemen Dead"
I see my face on the screen
The funniest news I`ve ever seen

I would have been crazy
If I staid
I was not lazy
And smashed the police blockade

For three month I`m on the run
Will carry on as long as I can
For my future I care
But I won`t stop, I swear

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