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dr. skaligari (4:53)   instrumental
tomorrow i die (3:47) songtext   download song
easy days (3:45) songtext   download song
dillinger strikes back (2:32)   instrumental
a breath of sorrow (4:17) songtext
ska.g.b. (2:27) songtext
sadman (4:20) songtext
snobbish (4:40) songtext
no entry (4:26) songtext
waiting man (5:30) songtext
satalite (5:22)   instrumental
never tried (3:01) songtext
stranger in winter (5:32) songtext   download song
trotting in (6:25)   instrumental

TOMORROW I DIE (basing on Mickey Spillane`s short-story)  nach oben

After they`d killed the waitress
They took us costumers with them
I was a bit shocked I confess
In my mind the blood on the woman`s dress

I and the mayor`s nice daughter
Were sent for the hidden booty
She thanked me for the love I taught her
After I had her in the river`s water

A trembling gun in my calm face
When I opened the hiding place`s door
The robber-guys where in a maze
That I hadn`t the bags that I went for

I told them I`d hid the money
But this hadn`t the convincing effect
They did not think it was funny
But they reacted the way I`d expected

Well, I thank you
I thank you all, for the booty

A pistol slid out of my sleeve
And promptly I shot all these puzzled crooks
What a damned shit I had missed the chief
Mayor`s daughter was the hostage he took

So I had to aim at that cude girl
But the dirty boss was an easier kill
Making off I sked this dying duke
Tell me, who is the biggest crook

EASY DAYS  nach oben

Sighing they recall old tales
Of their easy days
When everybody was a lazybone
Nobody was on his own
Stoned as they used to be every day
They laid down, down in the bay
With the girls they had much fun
Laying in the sun

They don`t know if it was wrong
Living this way so long
But it doesn`t matter what they have done
The easy days are gone


He asked his girl: What took you so long?
I want to know where you`ve spent the whole time.
He didn`t know where she was coming from
But he got any longer she won`t be mine

When one`s been left
It`s hard to get
When one`s been left
It`s too late to regret
When you take a rest
It`s hard to forget
When you take a rest
It`s too late to come back

His girl is gone and his dreams have left
So he felt down, he was quite depressed,
He didn`t make any effort of return
For another girl his heart will never burn

A breath of sorrow escapes from his throat,
From his eyes, his breast and head
It`s summing up to one last sob:
If I wouldn`t be that afraid I would be dead

SKA. G. B.  nach oben

She`s dying, she`s dying
She`s laying in my arms
Blood`s running over her face
Her heartbeat is getting slower
I couldn`t even move
´Cause I was in a daze

Special Agents shot my baby
I hope it won`t drive me crazy
My baby - she was innocent
For me were the bullets that they sent

I`m crying, I`m crying
I can`t hold it back
I`m in mourning
Her heart stops beating
My baby is dead
By now it`s dawning

I`m sighing, I`m syghing
I can`t help it
I don`t know what to say
Her body is cold as ice
The sun is rising:
A brandnew day

THE SADMAN  nach oben

Known as the lord of mouring
Lives by the pain in your heart
When all souls are bawling
From all hope apart

He hates high spirits, carefreeness
An enemy of lucky men
A messenger of hopelessness
Call him Sadman

Take care of the Sadman
Watch out for the Sadman

SNOBBISH  nach oben

Oh, my girl, I guess I know
What your problem is
I am rich and you are poor
The usual standard is what you miss
But if you think I had no problems
That ain`t true I`ve got mine too
Such as I shout
When champagne is running out

It`s the easiest decision
You will ever make
For a fast excessive life
And a lot of fake
What makes you think rich is easy
Such as in this moment I feel really queasy
`Cause what to do
When caviar is gone too

Oh, honey, in a few years,
Darling, you will see
Soon, babe, you will ask yourself
How you could doubt me
But if you believe in love and truth
There is no way out, you`ll have to loose
So make up your mind
You can`t imagine what you may find

NO ENTRY  nach oben

When I wonder if I have
Something in my life to give
Something in my life to share
I realize nobody`s there

Is it really nothing more
Than everybody says
Than only my own fault
Not to enter any door

But theres no entry for me
Too sure I am
This way is wrong
And nowhere I belong

What others do not want to know
Is running through my head
All for myself
And nothing to be said

And after a while alone at home
Finally I knew
Life could be much sweeter
If I could be like you

WAITING MAN  nach oben

I`m sitting after midnight
Under a naked deciduous tree
And somebody I don`t know
Coming to me, asking me:

Hi, sad man, I know you.
Tell me, what you`re doing
And I: I don`t know what to do
So I`m bumming around and waiting

I`m waiting for something
I don`t know what it is
And I don`t know
What I`m waiting for
But something must happen
Not forever this
And something will happen
Deep inside the core

The world goes round just like an egg
Back and forward, forward and back
The world is dancing like a hot stepper
But nothing happens forever and ever

I`m standing between it and I`m looking around me
All around the same face, things got their place
Expectations are growing inside me
A waiting man is what I want to be

NEVER TRIED  nach oben

Lost in thoughts I search for insight
I don`t want to be denied
What I say it`s all beyond you
You can`t see because you`ve never tried

Yesterday it seemed to me like
We could be real good friends
But today I realize
My withdrawn mind you will never understand

Worlds apart the answers to our questions
For us there`s no way to align
We could never share our ideals
´Cause you have yours and I have mine


High snow causes a discrete hush
Footsteps point at invisible people
Flakes turn into slush
and Jonny Knox knows he`s a stranger
Stranger in winter
Blinded by the snow
Stranger in winter
Too stunned to go

Cold air makes him see his breath
The sun cant even bring him up
In Jonny Knox head grows a guess
Nobody seems to freeze but he
Is a stranger in winter
Blinded by the snow
A stranger in winter
Too stunned to go

Seen the slush and seen the snow
His impulse is getting very low
He will never be a stranger again
Because all his resistance would be in vain
He was a stranger in winter
Blinded by the snow
A stranger in winter
He was much too stunned to go

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