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can't stand sitting


calimocho (4:04)   instrumental
rhythm'n'brass (2:48) songtext   download song
another truth (3:41) songtext
female spy (3:04) songtext
laughing death (3:04) songtext
one love (3:00) songtext
por unos pesos (3:36)   instrumental
double (4:00) songtext   download song
back (4:01) songtext
no place to hide (2:30) songtext
take the ska-train (3:46) songtext
wicked sheila (3:27) songtext
close to sun (3:18) songtext
tal vez (4:28)   instrumental

RHYTHM'N'BRASS  nach oben

The brass is coming, you better watch out
For the two guys playing saxophon
But the brass could never be that loud
Without trumpet and trombone

Take cover for the rhythm-section
They give you the groove
Provide an offbeat-injection
That makes you wanna move

You should better dance for your life
Never look back
If these two forces are combined
Threre's no chance to save your neck

ANOTHER TRUTH  nach oben

Get enchanted by the gleam
So sure to be safe
Believing in what's been seen
In what the past gave

In your open eyes
In your frank smile
Your clear conscience
All this while
In your senses
In your clear mind:
It ain't certainty
What you gonna find

It's just a truth
Not yours, another one
No chance to choose
You get the harder one

Everywhere a new truth
Claims fall away
But you don't get this
You'll believe everyday

FEMALE SPY  nach oben

A chop, nicely slain
Seems to break my neck
I fake fainting, try to control the pain
That spreads down my back
Slowly I open my eyes
To identify my foe
I get shocked:
Such beautiful legs I've never seen before

Her way to fight
Is anything but shy
This is what I like
About my female spy

Her frigid eyes make me feel hot
Same goes for her severed face
I enjoy the torture, hope it never stops
Her punch's got so much grace
I could never leave this girl
I hope I ain't aiming to high
When I change sides
To be together with my female spy


You're woken by a noise on the floor
You wince on the knocking on the door
So you let him in but watch out for him
When you feel his cold breath on your skin
Then it's time to confess:
It's the Laughing Death!

When you are giggling at the life you had,
Than you are dancing with the Laughing Death!

ONE LOVE  nach oben

I feel hot when she's moving next to me
My voice is trembling
My knees are melting
When I fall in repressed ecstasy

Everyday I try to run away
But my heart makes me stay
I can't get her out of my mind
No one idea of another kind

This girl is one love

I never had a more honest feeling
Then for this one love
Folks you may laugh
But of this girl I can't get enough

DOUBLE  nach oben

Drunk I let things in my mind go drifting
Last item of today's agenda
In this bar my view is shifting
Everything's doubled; I chat up the bartender:
Hey man, you are as slow as a turtle
Mixing a drink ain't squaring the circle
It won't get you into trouble
You could work for two, 'cause you're double

I Look at my girl, don't wanna kiss her
Still drunk I start to finish with her:
Free spirit - thats what I long for
Soon she's howling. Time to comfort:
Darling what's up? Keep dry!
Keep your tears. No need to cry!
My girl, we're no longer a couple
But you ain't alone, 'cause you're double

The girl left with a wild screaming
I'm sure she didn't mistake my meaning
But where have my men gone
Tonight I need some more fun
But what to do with tomorrow's working day
A look in the mirror tells me the right way
The first Me orders a new bottle
The second Me goes home, 'cause I'm double

BACK  nach oben

I turn my back
I turn my face and my view
I turn everything into something new

Once upon a time I was a lucky boy
My breath was deep, the air was free
I used to cry and I used to laugh
With my friends around me

I didn't care for money, I didn't care for time
I only minded the feeling was fine,
Thought of my mind, thought of loved ones
And a girl who was mine

How many nights I laid awake, asking myself:
Was it my luck or did I change
After all it doesn't matter
It's the turn-back I have to arrange

NO PLACE TO HIDE  nach oben

A storm is brewing, will blow out some lights
In this land there's no place to hide
A lot of dense clouds will darken the sky
So it is time to get that

Some trust in a sudden change in weather
The others get dressed warm
If you just wanna live your life you better keep fast to your heels
Before you come to harm

Try to resist wind and rain
Without adequate clothes all will be in vain
The stormy weather will wear you down
Listen to the whistle blowin'!

Still you can see some blue of the sky
That makes you hope I told you a lie
Be on your guard, don't tempt your fate
'cause too fast it is too late


I am here to get on the train
The train to meet my girl
My fellows and my enemies
I'm glad I gave this train a whirl

It's rails never end
They go on so far
I hope you're glad you caught this train
Whose engine runs on ska!

WICKED SHEILA  nach oben

I'll tell about a girl, very well known
All 'round the hood, all 'round the town
Always caught in a mood for love
Hardly one man who didn't stuff up

Wicked Sheila was her name
It was burden with shame
If you're a man watch out for Wicked Sheila
'cause she's getting ya as soon as she's seen ya

One day I came round her shanty
When I looked through the window I could see
A wet pxxxx play with big coconuts
And two hot crutches that's what she got

So I did not wait long
'cause abstaining would have been wrong
I get in, to Sheila, to relish her company
I was as pushy as I could be

Sheila was her name
Wicked was her game
If you're a man watch out for Wicked Sheila
'cause she's getting ya as soon as she's seen ya

Before you leave ladies and gents
I wanna tell you how this story ends
I looked in her face: Do you wanna marry me
She said: I'm hot for a honeymoon, can't you see

Now Sheila drinks my cocktails
And tells me all her hot tales
There is no more chance for you to dig it
But let me tell you, Sheila is still wicked

CLOSE TO SUN  nach oben

On the market of this dry ghosttown
Near the desert, close to sun
Two men meet to choose one who goes down
By a bullet from a gun

Sun and sweat burns in their eyes
Their brains are close to blast
They know the stake, they know the prize
Too fast they could bite the dust

Horizon is melting, air is boiling
A swift move, here goes!
Body meets shadow, the sun will spoil him
'cause the sun is so close

Not long ago
They gave their words
To save their worlds
They defend their lands
They defend the lifes
Of their sons and their wifes

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